Unlocking business efficiency with LittleBig Connection

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, efficiency is paramount, and time-consuming manual tasks can hinder progress and impact operational satisfaction. Discover how the Mantu brand LittleBig Connection, supported Bouygues Telecom, a full-service electronic communication provider, in customizing and streamlining processes to achieve high operational satisfaction.

Bouygues Telecom is part of the Bouygues Group, which operates in 81 countries and has a talent community of more than 196,000 people worldwide. Its telecom service connects 27.2 million customers and its 5G network encompasses close to 10,000 municipalities in France.

LittleBig Rise: efficiency at its best

Bouygues Telecom’s IT services department and network division were faced with time-consuming and manual tasks: identifying service providers, creating calls for tenders, and managing administrative and commercial procedures. These types of tasks often hindered the development of more important projects. It wanted to customize and streamline processes to achieve high operational satisfaction.

To achieve this, Bouygues Telecom turned to LittleBig Connection. LittleBig Connection tasked with identifying a tailored solution to meet these requirements, rose to the challenge. Leveraging their innovative platform, LittleBig Rise, the team successfully designed and implemented a comprehensive solution that precisely aligned with Bouygues Telecom’s needs. Through the deployment of LittleBig Rise, Bouygues Telecom was able to achieve significant advancements in efficiency and productivity.

According to a Bouygues Telecom satisfaction survey, “75% of platform users are satisfied with feature efficiency and 80% of them are satisfied with using the platform to manage ongoing projects”.

The platform has allowed reports to be created in sync with other tools already in place, for users to create a call for tenders in just five minutes and for their en masse renewal in three clicks all the while ensuring thorough monitoring of its administration.

As we continue to embrace innovation and seek cutting-edge solutions, the future holds boundless possibilities. With a forward-looking approach, Bouygues Telecom and LittleBig Connection can explore even greater opportunities to optimize their operations, enhance customer experiences, and revolutionize the telecommunications industry. They emphasize the wider need for innovation, leading the businesses towards a customer-centric, efficient future.

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