How apprenticeships can shape professional journeys

Apprenticeships are increasingly becoming a preferred pathway for students and educational institutions alike. This approach offers a practical route for students to gain professional experience while also addressing financial considerations, such as funding their studies. For businesses, apprenticeships serve as an opportunity to cultivate junior employees who may become valuable long-term assets. This early immersion into a company’s culture fosters a mutual learning environment and a seamless transition into the corporate world.

At Mantu, apprenticeships are more than just a pathway; they are a transformative journey marked by personal and professional growth. Our social media spotlight series highlights the experiences of Timothé, a project management officer, and Corentin, a manager. Both have evolved from apprentices to key team members, with Timothé now engaged in an international volunteer program (VIE) and Corentin under a local contract, exemplifying the successful progression that apprenticeships can facilitate..

Apprenticeships at Mantu: a stepping stone to long-term success

Apprenticeship served as a springboard to Timothé’s and Corentin’s professional trajectories

Apprenticeship challenges and opportunities 

Corentin and Timothé take us through the dynamic rhythm of life as Mantu apprentices.

Apprenticeship: the key to developing professional skills

Apprenticeship is about mastering essential life skills.

Embracing your voice 

Asking questions is not just encouraged; it’s essential!

Three tips for a successful apprenticeship 

The secret? A blend of mastering anticipation and excelling in effective communication

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