The power of trusting your people

“The sky’s the limit.”

Simple, yet powerful words. Farah will always remember hearing this expression from her manager, Louis Gauthier.

After four years of working at Mantu as Sales Administration Project Manager, Farah Ben Abdallah left her Tunisian hometown to join one of the group’s hubs – the Mauritian hub! Today, she is a Credit Manager, which she considers her passion and the path to becoming the best version of her professional self. Although she admits that credit recovery is far from being a simple task, she is adamant – she was born to do this job!

In March 2020, during the pandemic, when her manager entrusted her with the task of Lead of Recovery, she faced a healthy dose of fear and doubt, but her years of experience, the support of her managers and the commitment of her team helped her rise to the challenge.

Farah’s story shows us that it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and experience a mix of emotions when faced with new responsibilities, especially when you don’t feel up to the challenge. While there were days of hardship, she never regretted the day she accepted her new title. Today, she is proud to have helped build a new recovery department, covering virtually the entire globe from Chile to Japan, spread across multinational teams and hubs, such as Tunisia, Mauritius, South Africa, Vietnam, and Colombia.

My greatest success has been to convey my passion to my team and to communicate a positive message to them, no matter what the situation. At first, I thought it was impossible, but I was surprised at how involved and dedicated my team members were. The rest is just history. Today, we are expanding our business and setting higher goals for ourselves. For this, I would like to thank my manager for the opportunity and the trust he has placed in me, and I would like to express my gratitude for being part of the Mantu family.

From Tunisia to Mauritius, Farah has been able to carve out her own piece of paradise thanks to the support of her team, but the story is far from over…

In 2022, Farah will embark on a new adventure. Next destination: Medellin!

If, like Farah, you have a head full of dreams and passion for your career, follow in her footsteps and join Mantu!


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