Your guide to finding an apprenticeship at Mantu!

We packed practical advice to help you find the right opportunity for you. At Mantu, we value autonomy, trust, and responsibility. This article will guide you in finding the perfect apprenticeship opportunity.

How to find your apprenticeship?

  • Use specialized platforms such as LinkedIn, social media, or job boards, and attend school fairs and online events to discover opportunities and meet people. Engage with your school network and join relevant groups to stay informed about apprenticeship openings.
  • Stay updated: Follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn or TikTok and activate the notifications to stay updated on new opportunities and company news.

“Finding my apprenticeship through my school network was a game-changer. It’s incredibly rewarding to have real responsibilities and see the impact of my work every day”

Said Anselme, Community Recruitment Officer at LittleBig Connection

Discover our 5 tips guide to rock your interview.

Why consider an apprenticeship contract at Mantu?

Timothé, former apprentice, shares with us the 5 reasons why he chose the apprenticeship contract. He began with an internship in Madrid, followed by a year-long apprenticeship in Lyon. He is now working in Portugal as a Project Manager Partner under a V.I.E contract. His progression is a testament to the dynamic career paths we offer.

A real-world experience

To describe my experience at Mantu, I would say it is an extremely professionalizing experience that allows me to quickly enhance my skills.” said Timothé. At Mantu, apprentices immerse themselves in projects that matter. You won’t just be observing; you’ll be actively participating in significant business operations, applying your studies to real-world problems that impact our clients globally. This direct involvement is prized by employers everywhere and sets the stage for a robust career.

Access financial independence faster

“The apprenticeship was a way to achieve financial independence more quickly, which was an important point for me”, said Timothé. As an apprentice, you receive compensation during your time in the company, which not only helps finance your studies but also aids in achieving financial independence.

A smooth transition from theory to practice

For me, an apprenticeship was about making my studies more concrete, transforming theoretical knowledge into real skills and adding value to Mantu.” said Timothé. Jumping from school to work can be tough, but our apprenticeship is designed to make it easier. You’ll blend learning with doing, and our supportive teams will guide you as you adapt to the professional environment. It’s the perfect bridge between theory and practice, helping you get comfortable in the corporate world.

Accelerate personal growth and confidence building

No two days are alike, which is exactly what I was looking for. I consider myself as a competitor, so at Mantu, I’ve found daily stimulation” said Timothé. We believe in challenging our apprentices to grow beyond their boundaries. At Mantu, you’ll tackle real challenges, solve real problems, and make decisions that affect real outcomes. This responsibility fosters personal growth and builds confidence.

A clear pathway to career opportunities

Dream of sticking with us after your apprenticeship? Great! The apprenticeship contracts offer an accelerated career path with more responsibilities. There’s plenty of room to grow at Mantu, whether you want to stay in your current department, try something new in another brand, or even explore opportunities in another country.

5 tips to succeed from our recruitment team

  1. Optimize your resume: clearly present your experiences and the results obtained, and indicate the duration of your apprenticeship.
    • Emylie – Recruitment Director
  2. Prepare well for your interview: stay authentic and precise in your goals. Are you part of an association, or have you done summer jobs? Highlight them!
    • Perrine – Campus Recruitment Manager
  3. Make the right choice: A successful internship is one that matches your desires and future projections.
  4. Explore opportunities after the internship: At Mantu, we can offer a long-term position abroad and continuous training, all while valuing autonomy and initiative.
    • Guillaume – Recruitment Director
  5. Use social media and job boards: contact professionals who inspire you or alumni from your school who work in the industry that interests you!
    • Marie, Head of Employer Branding

At Mantu, we seek apprentices who are proactive, independent, and eager to engage in various projects to learn and contribute effectively. If that sounds like you, join us now. Find all our opportunities.

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