Transforming data management: a strategic leap forward

In an era defined by technological innovation, a leading financial and insurance service provider in Latin America recognized the imperative for a significant IT overhaul. The objective was to migrate their local data center in Chile to a regional hub, a move that had already been successfully executed in other Latin American markets, including Peru, Mexico and Brazil.

Optimizing data management

Amaris Consulting, a Mantu brand, is spearheading this ambitious project, overseeing the relocation of resources and a complete overhaul of the financial and insurance service provider’s existing IT infrastructure. Central to this transformation is the adoption of Oracle Exadata and hyper-converged infrastructure – technologies renowned for their modern data management and processing impact.

The integration of Oracle Exadata and hyper-converged infrastructure marks a significant upgrade in the client’s data management capabilities. These technologies increase computational power, fortify security, and ensure dependable networking options – all critical elements for maintaining data integrity and security in the financial sector.

This initiative has led to substantial improvements in the client’s operational systems. The client now benefits from a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure that delivers greater efficiency, enhanced security, and reduces operational costs. This technological overhaul has streamlined their operations and strengthened their competitive edge in the financial industry.

The successful execution of this project is largely due to the synergistic efforts of the Amaris Consulting project team, the client’s IT department, and the continual input from client relations.

This Chilean data center migration project showcases Amaris Consulting’s IT transformation expertise. It highlights Amaris’ ability to manage complex technological projects and be a catalyst for digital advancement and innovation.

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