Digital excellence in insurance tech

Facing the digital era’s complex demands, a French banking leader engaged the expertise of Mantu brand Amaris Consulting to create a sophisticated digital tool for their pension, health and life insurance policies. This project addresses a pressing need — to consolidate the company’s fragmented digital services and deliver a cohesive user experience that exemplifies digital excellence.

Enhancing customer experience through digital excellence

The Amaris Consulting team, charged with this critical task, have adopted a comprehensive coordination strategy, working closely with various stakeholders within the group. This collaboration is ensuring smooth project integration, aligning planning with strategic committee insights. Amaris’ expert management is steering the project through all its stages.

At the heart of this project is the reimagining of the customer journey. Amaris Consulting is managing UX design, aligning customer needs with digital service pathways. The Mantu brand’s efforts are aimed at enhancing interface interactions and ensuring a user-centric approach that resonates with the client’s millions of insured customers, thereby embedding digital excellence into the core of the customer experience.

Amaris Consulting iis adeptly managing the intricacies of drafting specifications and conducting strategic testing, to ensure both functional and strategic alignment with the client’s operational ethos. In parallel, Amaris is piloting the development and execution of a comprehensive communication strategy that will ensure user acceptance and facilitate smooth user adoption.

Flow of digital information. Global connection concept.

The project should enable the client to see an improvement in the reliability and stability of their operational tools. This initiative should also considerably reduce IT costs by cutting corrective and evolutive maintenance. Perhaps most importantly, the project will improve the productivity of management teams, granting banking distribution networks increased autonomy and facilitating a smoother upgrade process for pension, health and life insurance policies.

This project stands as a testament to Amaris Consulting’s ability to drive digital innovation in the insurance sector. By managing the implementation of a unique tool that optimizes service delivery and customer engagement, Amaris Consulting is not only meeting the immediate needs of the client but is also equipping them to thrive in a digital-forward marketplace, ensuring long-term success and customer satisfaction through sustained digital excellence.

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