Centralizing IT support to drive efficiency


A prestigious luxury wine and spirits company in the Asia Pacific region sought reliable onsite and offsite IT support for its offices and wineries across eight countries.  


Amaris Consulting, a Mantu brand, was appointed to provide 24/7 support in English through its remote service desk and to offer assistance in Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, and Cantonese during the client’s local business hours. Amaris’ offsite support team handles everything from initial diagnosis to escalation of complex issues to L3 teams such as SAP support, network support, etc.  

Amaris Consulting also unified the onsite IT support structure across the wine and spirits company’s offices in the Asia Pacific region, replacing a fragmented system that lacked clear insight on performance, workload, and support quality. The company’s shift to a centralized IT model, with consistent monthly KPI reporting, has been pivotal in rectifying those issues.  


One notable initiative that emerged from this centralization was the iPhone enrollment project. This undertaking showcased the power of a unified support system, enabling fluid coordination from budget planning and procurement to iPhone setup across eight countries. Consequently, the wine and spirits company could concentrate on its core business, unconcerned with country-specific implementation details.

Client benefits

From daily ticket handling to new tech deployment, Amaris Consulting is playing a critical role in improving efficiency. Amaris Consulting is streamlining processes, enhancing visibility over service quality and workload, and achieving consistent performance across all the client’s offices and wineries in the Asia Pacific region – with a satisfaction rate of over 90%.

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