Data management for enhanced collaboration & security


The client, a key player in the vehicle data industry, faced challenges in handling and securely sharing large amounts of data. They needed to make this data useful for different teams and also bring new partners on board. Moreover, they struggled with collecting important vehicle information from different locations.


The team of Amaris Consulting, a Mantu brand, implemented a straightforward approach to simplify data collection, transformation, and secure sharing. The brand also introduced user-friendly dashboards that make it easy to track performance. To keep data safe, Amaris Consulting made sure only the right people could access it. Additionally, tools were created to make it easier to collect and share data with business partners. 

Client benefits

After Amaris Consulting stepped in, the client saw clear improvements. They now have a more robust process for assessing the quality of their work. The new testing methods introduced by Amaris Consulting have enhanced the accuracy and efficiency of their operations. The dashboards developed by the Mantu brand enhance collaboration among different teams, particularly in the sharing of organized data. All in all, the client can now focus on growing their business, knowing their data is well-managed and secure. 

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