Elevating QA with advanced and scalable testing


The client, an internationally renowned clothing retailer, needed consistent evaluation of the sales funnel of its multinational ecommerce store. This meant assessing its test automation capabilities across multiple international platforms and testing before release.  


Amaris Consulting, a Mantu brand, provided the retailer with a dedicated team that specialized in testing automation in production environments, covering multiple browsers, devices, and countries. Once the initial assessment was complete, the client was looking for further daily support. Accordingly, Amaris Consulting provided the clothing retailer with a test lead and integrated testers into its teams.  

Today, Amaris QA Academy students explore this project as part of their applied training, solidifying their skillsets and ensuring that there are always extra testers on standby for the client.  

Client benefits

From the inception of the partnership to today, Amaris Consulting’s QA team has remained dependable, adaptive, and committed to delivering the retailer with quality results.

Its team’s capacity to swiftly identify and address issues in the production environment has enabled a seamless customer experience and prevented financial losses.

What began as a project focused on evaluating the client’s online shopping experience has grown into a trusted collaboration. As the partnership strengthened, Amaris Consulting has addressed the retailer’s challenges across business, organizational, and technological fronts.

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