Gloss and browse: creating a beauty d-commerce app

In 2022, people spent more than 73 billion hours on shopping and e-commerce apps. It’s evident that the pandemic’s role in fast-tracking the shift to the convenience and immediacy of online shopping is having lasting effects on the consumer landscape. For businesses aiming to keep their doors open, adapting to the virtual marketplace isn’t just smart—it’s essential for survival.

Enhancing user experience with an app

A global personal care and beauty products retailer, boasting thousands of stores across more than 30 countries, was eager to advance its digital strategy by creating a digital commerce (d-commerce) API application. The objective was to enable seamless integration across iOS, Android, web, and mobile interfaces, all while being housed on cloud infrastructure.

The project demanded a high level of technical acumen, foresight, and innovation to navigate the complexities of omnichannel integration.

Mantu brand LittleBig Connection recognized the intricate demands and nuances of developing the d-commerce API application and supplied the retailer with a team of five highly skilled technology specialists.

These experts efficiently tackled a range of responsibilities to develop it. From writing detailed technical specifications and predicting potential challenges to making sure that every solution was tailored to fit the app’s diverse functional requirements. They also ensured optimal code quality, mentored junior developers, performed load estimation exercises, and served as the technical point of reference for the app. 

The fruits of this partnership were manifold. The retailer’s vision materialized faster than anticipated, thanks to the concerted efforts of the LittleBig Connection team. The consultants didn’t just build an app; they also upheld best development practices and nurtured the retailer’s DevOps culture.

This collaboration is a testament to the power of strategic technological partnerships. The retailer is now poised to offer an unprecedented level of service and engagement to customers both in-store and in the digital realm.

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