Becoming an intrapreneurship magnet

In businesses across all sectors, internal innovation is assuming greater importance: providing a basis for new products and services or future-proofing business operations by making incremental improvements to existing processes.  Discover how two Mantu brands supported Edenred, a global payment solutions company, in amplifying their internal innovation strategies through an intrapreneurship program.

A quest for intrapreneurship

Following a partnership with investment fund Partech Ventures to support disruptive startups, Edenred championed an in-house international innovation program. The goal of this program was to encourage employees to work on and develop their own innovative projects within the company to allow disruptive, high-potential ideas to emerge with a view to converting them into concrete projects.

After a challenging first year, Edenred wanted to find better ways to support and mentor its intrapreneurs – and bring these projects to market. The program therefore had to be reshaped to allow for a more solid organizational structure and step-by-step progress framework. 

Edenred teams needed to be equipped with the right tools to build a viable product and prepare a solid pitch for the executive committee. Once projects were given the green light, intrapreneurs also needed to receive support on a regular basis to help them flesh out their idea and figure out how to adopt a coherent cross-country approach. 

Mantu brands Amaris Consulting and Pixel Alliance built a three-step intrapreneurial program to generate great projects and accelerate them through open innovation. We created an accelerator program structure, provided training and bootcamps on innovation methodologies and pitching, and supported the development of projects.   

As well as being the innovation partner at all Edenred locations, Mantu brands support the next stages in the innovation cycle; the market roll out. 

Our extensive range of integration services ensures that any innovative product or service is embedded successfully within a company’s offering, followed by our help with product promotion, scale up, and continuous development. We are committed to remaining at hand for each step of the intrapreneurship journey. 

“We have a partner by our side who enables us to offer our creative teams innovative methods identical in all our locations, and supports us with great agility, flexibility and reactivity in the production and market roll out of new solutions.” 

Agathe Thomas-Chocat, Open Innovation Manager, Edenred 

By using innovation methodologies already tested and honed at Mantu, we empowered Edenred’s global talent community and facilitated their intrapreneurial project presentation to their executive committee.  

One intrapreneurial project was the development of a mobile app which optimizes how logistical operatives interact on site. This app has the potential to revolutionize the way different logistics stakeholders operate in Brazil, as well as worldwide. This project is a prime example of how ideas emerging from the intrapreneurship program can be developed locally, then implemented on a global scale.  

The intrapreneurial program is also a chance for natural brand ambassadors and the most creative team members to stand out as their project gains visibility. Edenred also benefits from increased agility throughout the intrapreneurial cycle. 

Edenred has committed to a long-term global partnership with Mantu brands in order to support their transformation.  

The intrapreneurship program at Edenred, supported by Mantu brands, has not only fostered a culture of innovation but also served as a catalyst for personal and professional growth among employees. By participating in this program, Edenred’s staff have the opportunity to step into the role of an entrepreneur within the safety of the organization’s structure, harnessing their creativity and industry insights to develop groundbreaking solutions.

This initiative has proven to be a win-win for both the employees, who gain invaluable experience and recognition, and for Edenred, which benefits from the fresh, internally-sourced ideas that can keep the company at the forefront of the payment solutions industry. The program’s success is a testament to the power of nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit within a corporate environment, leading to innovative products and services that can disrupt markets and drive business growth..

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