Showcasing craftsmanship: an illuminating event


A renowned Swiss watchmaker wanted to throw a select event at one of its manufacture sites to give the press and VIPs a glimpse into its craftsmanship and boost the visibility of its products and artistry.   


The team of event management specialists of Revibe, a Mantu brand, orchestrated an unforgettable evening. Guests were welcomed with champagne and provided an intimate tour of the watch manufacture site. A gourmet dinner ensued, paired with molecular cocktails, and augmented by magical entertainment. The post-dinner highlight was aerial artist Erika Lemay’s breathtaking performance set against the backdrop of live jazz melodies.  

Client benefits

The client not only provided an enriching experience for its guests but also generated significant media buzz, amplifying its brand visibility. The event acted as a potent marketing tool, capturing the essence of the brand – precision, luxury, and artistry –in just one evening.

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