Redefining medical event management


Traditional medical event organization methods led to inefficiencies, underutilization of resources, and lost opportunities for interaction for a healthcare leader. In pursuit of improvement, they sought a transformative solution to elevate their event management and participant engagement.


Our digital agency developed MSD Live, a digital platform that seamlessly integrated with the client’s existing systems. In its first year, MSD Live hosted more than 600 events, transforming the medical event landscape. The platform’s immersive tools facilitated collaborative creation, innovative workshops, and value-focused engagement for pharmaceutical and health professionals. Compatibility with existing information systems, such as CVENT (software specialized in meetings, events, and hospitality management technology) and SSO (Single Sign-On authentication scheme) guaranteed a fluid data integration.

Client benefits

MSD Live revolutionized the client’s approach to events. The adoption of digital solutions heightened efficiency, deepened engagement, and enabled informed data-driven decisions. Improved interaction with participants, timely engagement, and thorough post-event analyses strengthened connections between pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals.

MSD Live merges tech innovation with operational prowess, creating impactful medical events, and propelling the client to the forefront of healthcare evolution.

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