Livestreaming connectivity: bringing audiences closer

Pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals work closely together. It is therefore important to maximize the accessibility and exchange of information between these two sectors. Our client, MSD, a research-based pharmaceutical company, holds numerous annual conferences and meetings with healthcare professionals. In recent years, the need to digitize these events has become increasingly important, with livestreaming emerging as a key component.

Livestreaming: making events accessible

Mantu brand Seven Circles and Vonage created a partnership to develop a MSD livestreaming service, integrated in the MSD & Moi platform, to fulfill this need.  

The MSD & Moi platform was developed and fully integrated into the MSD ecosystem in 2013. This platform was created to provide digital solutions for event organization, contract management, and to support healthcare professionals.

MSD & Moi grew remarkably during the past two years, enabling the creation of MSD Live. 

MSD Live had one objective: digitize meetings and conferences using secure technologies.This project was possible thanks to Seven Circles’ expertise in platform development, Vonage’s cutting-edge cloud-based audio and video management solutions, and the collaboration of MSD’s digital and technical teams.

stream at a concert in a hall without spectators during a pandemic

MSD Live gathers webinars, replays and videos on demand and sorts them into different categories.

The platform enables the administration and management of event organization cycles and even lets the audience interact with the speakers through Q&As and live polls.

Since the launch of MSD Live, more than 600 congresses, symposia and meetings have been held.The customer satisfaction rating of 85 percent indicates that users are extremely satisfied with the service. 

Healthcare professionals have embraced this platform and participated in 26 live events in 2021, events made accessible through livestreaming.

This project brought out the best in each partner, enabling MSD Live to become a successful digital platform –  one which provides the valuable service of connecting pharmaceutical industries with healthcare practitioners.

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